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We have the capacity to offer to our clients full scale consultancy services in quality management system (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) project design, implementation, maintenance and improvement.

Expert consultancy services:

The scope of services is adjusted in line with your needs, and it can include all or some of the following services:

  • Project design, management system implementation and maintenance,
  • Reengineering and improvement of the existing management systems,
  • Developing management system documentation,
  • Management system trainings.

Engineering, management system implementation and maintenace:

  • ISO 9001 “Quality Management System”
  • ISO 14001 “Environmental Protection Management System”
  • ISO 45001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management System”

Reengeenering of and improvement:

  • Performing assessment of the state of existing management systems and effectiveness analysis
  • Detecting elements of the system inconsistent with the requirements posed by certain standards and identifying opportunities for system improvements
  • Developing practical plan of activities geared towards system improvement

Developing management system documentation:

  • Developing policies, procedures and work instructions
  • Developing a reporting system and system monitoring programs (control lists)
  • Extending client assistance in the process of establishing procedures and programs
  • Developing metrics for monitoring key process in the business system
  • Developing employees training programs for the client