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Thirty years of experience in the area of environmental protection and our satisfied clients are the best proof that effort and means invested in training our professionals and providing the necessary equipment have paid off many times over.

Expert Work and Activities

  • Providing services of an advisor for chemical agents,
  • Offering services of an expert in charge of waste management,
  • Developing waste management plan,
  • Developing documentation necessary for obtaining waste management license,
  • Record keeping on special waste management,
  • Developing annual waste report,
  • Developing annual reports on total emission of pollutants to water, air and earth,
  • Developing a report on state of the environment – audit.

Project Design

  • Request for decision on the need to assess environmental impact,
  • Request for defining the scope and content of the assessment,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),
  • EBRD documentation in the area of environmental protection (Hazardous waste management and response plan, Environmental Audit, Action Plan for reaching limit values, etc.),
  • Detailed analysis report on environmental protection,
  • Developing documentation for obtaining the integrated permit (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control),
  • Developing documentation for a Seveso establishment (Accident Prevention Policy, Safety Reports and Plan for the Protection against Accidents),
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Training and Education

  • Delivering trainings in the area of waste management,
  • Extending trainings in the area of environ mental protection,
  • Implementing trainings in the area of chemical agents,
  • Protection against chemical accidents (Seveso),
  • Hazardous materials management and response in case of accident,
  • Expert debates, workshops, discussions.

Measuring and Testing

  • Measuring air pollution emissions coming from emitters,
  • Environmental noise measurement.

Expert Work and Activities Performed for Local Municpalities

  • Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP),
  • Local municipal waste management plan,
  • Air quality plan for local municipalities,
  • Register of environmental polluters,
  • Register of illegal dumps,
  • Work plan of establishments - unsanitary landfills accompanied by a program of remedial measures and adjustment plan,
  • Developing project and technical documentation for transfer stations with recycling yards.