Tehpro.rs - Vanredne situacije

As for emergency situations, our professionals who are seasoned experts in different fields and have many years of practical experience are able to extend services such as plan development and rescue, risk assessment, training and consultations.

Expertwork and activities:

  • Developing disaster risk assessments
  • Developing protection and rescue plans
  • Developing accident protection plan
  • Offering emergency situation consultancy services
  • Extending continuous monitoring services in emergency situations and application of risk reduction measures
  • Developing instructions and procedures for emergency situations
  • Providing assessed risks monitoring

Training and education:

  • Offering preparatory courses for taking emergency situations certification exam
  • Delivering trainings in emergency situation action and response
  • Organization of trainings for familiarizing employees with dangers posed to the company (or local municipalities)
  • Delivering training to employees for taking action in emergency situations
  • Extending training and education of managers/leaders for acting in emergency situations by management levels in keeping with the Protection and Rescue Plan
  • Offering specific and targeted trainings for the Emergency Situation Team aimed at implementing mandatory actions as stipulated by the Protection and Rescue Plan
  • Delivering training to employees for extending first aid in emergency situations (specialized training in emergency situations)