Tehpro.rs - Kontrolno telo

Tehpro Ltd. company has been a leader in the field of equipment and fire protection systems inspection in last 30 years. We have accredited inspection body which received official authorizations from the ministry of internal affairs for inspection activities in the area of fire protection in 2019.

Our expertise and quality of work is based on the competence of our employees and the modern equipment we use in our activities.

Type and scope of inspection

  • Installation of fire hydrant networks,
  • Installation and devices for fire extinguishing (gaseous agents/water or foam/powder),
  • Mobile fire extinguishers,
  • installation and devices in danger zones from explosion,
  • installations and devices for fire detection and fire alarm systems,
  • installation and devices for detecting explosive and flammable gases.

Impartiality and independence

Inspection body maintain impartiality and independence by:

  • separating controlling activity from other activities in Tehpro d.o.o.
  • enforcing Code of conduct for all personnel that are involved in inspection body activities,
  • the influence of third parties on the outcome of control and discrimination of users is prevented, by applying procedures in the contracting process and realization of product control.
  • Informing our users of all measures taken regarding impartiality and independence through our web page.


All documents created during providing the service, are available only to Inspection body personnel.

All personnel are obligated to abide rules regarding confidentiality of information and data acquired on user during the process of inspecting the product.

Personnel involved in inspection are not allowed to publicly announce information on inspection without user’s consent.

Inspection body is obligated to inform in advance every user about which information inspection body has intention to publicly announce.

When confidential information is required to be disclosed by law or based on authorization arising from contractual obligations, the user or individual concerned, must, unless prohibited by law, be informed thereof.