For OHS experts
Date: 01.06. and 02.06.2022.

Location: First day: Hotel Šumadija, Šumadijski Trg 8, hall „Kalemegdan“, Beograd
Second day: Tour of a company with good OSH practices, Children’s Food Factory, Maršala Tita 206, Dobanovci

Educational centre at TEHPRO d.o.o, organises curses to prepare candidates to pass, with more ease, the exam for becoming a Licenced OHS Expert every year since its inception, as well as other specialised trainings in the field of OHS. During this time, we had over couple of thousands of candidates. Recently we perform all these trainings as publicly accepted organisation for adults education. TEHPRO d.o.o, also performs as third party, activities in field of OHS, for wide variety of companies with high standards in this field.
We want to share some of our rich experience with you.

Professional training of OSH Experts through the exchange of experiences and presentation of good practice.

Basic questions: A critical review of the existing normative solutions and proposals for the new OSH Law; The best practice of organizing OSH at employers; How to improve the practice of risk assessment and amendments to the Act on Risk Assessment? Risk management based on the Risk Assessment Act; Defining training needs, preparing and conducting OSH training; Best practice for laying out and marking of workspace; Best practice for visitor and contractor management; Problems with reporting work-related injuries; Keeping records in the field of OSH; How to apply new regulations in the field of OSH in practice? The new Law on inspection supervision and the procedure in the case of an inspection in the field of OSH;

Way of work: training lasts two days. The first day is theoretical, exchange of experiences at a round table with moderators, experts from Tehpro. The second day is a tour of a company with good OSH practice, the Children’s Food Factory, Maršala Tita 206, Dobanovci, with a presentation of how to organise these activities and the application of preventive measures.

APPLY: TEHPRO d.o.o., Lole Ribara 120, 11250 Beograd – Železnik / Contact: Dragana Rašić; 062/8081-483; e-mail: