firefighting backpacks, firefighting liquid containers

Firefighting equipment

Lestech s.r.o. is in the business of manufacturing firefighting equipment since 2004, and these products are used by professional firefighters and volunteers in the Czech Republic, many countries in EU and beyond its borders.
All products are designed in Czech Republic, manufactured in company workshop and by hand.

ERMAK series backpacks are of modern design and very comfortable. They are designed for fire fighting in open spaces. Available models are:

• ERMAK + (20 liters)
• ERMAK (16, 20 i 25 liters)
• COBRA (16, 20 i 25 liters)

Tanks of the ST series are used as containers of liquids for firefighting or other emergency events. Tanks serve as the source of water for portable high-preassure pumps or for our firefighting water backpacks Ermak 20. Tanks can be use as sawer catch basins in th case of the leaks of hazardous substances. Tanks serve as storage of contaminated water from decontamination tent. The volume of the supplied tanks is 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1500 litres.