Traditionally, on the occasion of Occupational Safety and Health Day, TEHPRO d.o.o., in cooperation with companies that have best practice of BZR, organizes XIV professional counseling on current problems of safety and health at work in Serbia.

Professionals in the process of improving occupational safety and health systems

Date: 27.04.2022, time: 10h to 15h

Location: Hotel Šumadija, Šumadijski Trg 8, hall “Kalemegdan”, Belgrade

This is a hot topic. The new OHS Law has been in place for several years. By calling the new elections, the procedure was restarted. The main reason for the slow alignment of opinions on the new law is the absence of expert analysis of the application of the existing one by the most competent persons – experts who directly apply the Law in practice.

In order to contribute to the improvement of the OHS system in Serbia, we invite you for a professional discussion with representatives of the ministry in charge of work and other state bodies, representatives of trade unions and employers on key problems, such as:

  • Confusing terminology in law on work: workplace – jobs – work environment / environmen;
  • The wrong concept of risk assessment in the Risk Assessment Act and “higher-risk workplace”;
  • Position of OHS expert and conditions for performing professional tasks of the OHS;
  • Marginalization of labor medicine;
  • Training of OHS experts and other persons in the OHS system, etc

TARGET GROUPS: OHS Experts, coordinators for construction sites, representatives of trade unions and committees for BZR, chambers of commerce, employers’ associations, education institutions with study programs of OHS, etc.
We invite participants to submit papers, which will be presented in the Assembly of Works.

Method of realization: After the introductory statements of representatives of Tehpro d.o.o. and participants, there is a unified discussion of the participants. A summary of the discussion will be delivered to the ministry in charge of work, social partners and members of the future working group for drafting the new bill.

APPLY: TEHPRO d.o.o., Lole Ribara 120, 11250 Beograd – Železnik / Contact: Dragana Rašić; 062/8081-483; e-mail: