Topic: Regulating labor and legal relations and organizing OHS measures for vulnerable categories of employees: young people, pupils, persons with disabilities, maternity protection, work outside employer’s premises, assignment to work abroad, engagement of foreign workers and legal aspects of mobbing

DATE: March 13, 2024, from 10.00h to 14.00h
LOCATION: Tehpro Educational center, Lole Ribara 120, Belgrade

Health and safety at work (OHS), as an absolute right based on work, is directly related to other rights from employment and other forms of work engagement that are regulated by labor, health care, pension and health insurance laws, criminal law, and other laws. This is especially true for the vulnerable categories of employees.

OHS practice shows that understanding all legal requirements and direct cooperation of OHS advisors/associates, with legal and HR services at the companies, is of utmost importance.

Therefore, we invite you to join us at the seminar where we are going to discuss above mentioned issues.

Why this topic? Because it is extremely important, and there are several specific problems and dilemmas in practice that can arise. This area is a frequent subject of supervision by labor inspection, administrative and court disputes.

Why choose “Tehpro”? Because we are willing to share our rich experiences with you.

Goal: improve the competence of participants so you can properly implement law requirements considering these special categories of employees, as well as improve cooperation with legal department and HR in your organization.

Basic questions:
– legal aspects of providing specific OHS preventive measures for those not employed in your organization, and sensitive categories of employees: young people, students, persons with disabilities, elderly people, etc.
– legal and security aspects of organizing work outside the premises of organization,
– to send employees to work abroad,
– legal and safety aspects of the employing foreign workers,
– legal aspects of mobbing in the workplace,
– legal consequences of poor regulation of status and non-application of OHS measures in specific situations,
– inspection, initiating and conducting administrative, misdemeanor, litigation, and criminal proceedings,
– analysis of examples from the practice of “Tehpro” related to the non-application of regulations in the OHS field and law on labor (compensation for damage done, reputational damage, criminal-legal consequences)

Method of realization: Experts from “Tehpro” d.o.o. will have introductory presentations on selected issues, as well as examples of good and / or bad practice. After which the discussion will be held.

Target groups: OHS professionals, lawyers and HR managers and other managers who participate in regulating labor-legal relations and are involved in OHS in any capacity.

Lecturers: experts from “Tehpro” d.o.o., lawyers with many years of practical experience in managing OHS for a lot of different organizations.