There are more and more talks about stress these days. We all felt it, but the question is, are we recognize it on time? Do we know how to combat it? Stress is the number one cause for absence from work, directly or indirectly. The cost of reduced work performance of people under stress, treating and trying to remedy the consequences of stress are almost immeasurable.

Therefore, we are inviting you to join us on seminar where we will discuss practical aspect of prevention of profesional stress.

Subject: Stress in relation to work
Datum: 15.07.2022. from 10h to 15h

Location: Hotel Šumadija, Šumadijski Trg 8, hall „Kalemegdan“, Beograd

Way choose Tehpro? Because, you will hear from competent instructors, solid guidelines on how to recognize and manage professional stress.

Goal of seminar: improve competencies of participants in terms of stress recognition and stress management in working environment.

Targeted groups: OHS experts, HR Managers, all tiers of managers, syndicate representatives.

Instructors are experts from Tehpro, specialist for working medicine, OHS experts with long working experience in u assessment of psychophysical stress at work and stress prevention.

Every participant will get written statement for partaking the seminar.

APPLY: TEHPRO d.o.o., Lole Ribara 120, 11250 Beograd – Železnik / Contact: Dragana Rašić; 062/8081-483; e-mail: