30. APRIL 2024. / 10.00 – 15.00H
IN HOTEL, Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 56, New Belgrade

Traditionally, on the Health and safety Day, Tehpro d.o.o. in cooperation with companies that have the best practice of BZR, organizes the XVII professional consultation on current problems of occupational health and safety in Serbia

We invite you to join us for, we will be discussing the best, prevention, practicies in OHS.

Why this topic? For almost 20 years, in Serbia are aplied modern regulations in the field of occupational health and safety. During this time, a large number of foreign and domestic companies have built good practices in this area. For further improvement of the state of OHS, it is of utmost importance to exchange experiences and learn from the the best. That is why we have decided to offer you an overview and discussion of the best practice in OHS with cooperation of our clients and partners.

Why choose Tehpro d.o.o. and join us on this event? Because we are sure that this will help you further improve occupational health and safety prevention in your organization.

Our goal is to improve your knowledge and abilities, because it will make it easier to recognize the true values in the OHS services market. Tehpro d.o.o. is building the highest standards for over three decades.

Basic questions – examples of good practice at:
• Establishing a reliable management OHS system in Organisation,
• Introduction and implementation of occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001,
• Organizing the work of OHS,
• The engagement of the occupational medicine service,
• Organizing and conducting trainings in the field of BZR,
• Defining procedures and issuing work permits,
• Inspections and checks of work equipment and testing of working conditions,
• Management of visitors, contractors and workers,
• Organizing OHS on construction sites/worksites,
• Inclusion of employees in the OHS system and the development of safety culture,
• Conduct during inspection supervision, etc.

Method of realization: Experts from “Tehpro” d.o.o. and the company with the best practice in OHS will talk about their good practice and other issues. Discussions may be held after each presentation.

Target groups (which we expect): OHS experts – advisors and associates in the field of OHS, managers of sectors and departments, employees, unions and health institutions representatives, that are involved in OHS activities.

Dragana Rašić, tel: +381 62 8081 483, e-mail: dragana.rasic@tehpro.rs