The Manual for occupational health and safety in mining, published by the Center for Education Tehpro, provides detailed information on occupational safety and health in mining activities.

prirucnik za bezbednost i zdravlje na radu tehpro

The manual includes:
• Basics of occupational health and safety system
• OHS System in the Republic of Serbia
• occupational health and safety in mining
• Specific risks to BSR in mining activities
• Managing occupational health and safety risks in mining

It is mainly aimed for students of mining faculties as well as engineers in mining companies.

You can read below, what our experts say about the Manual:

“Occupational health and safety in mining is a complex problem primarily due to the fact that mining activities are linked with a number of specific risks and hazards that do not occur in other industries. The problem is further compounded by the lack of a single database of regulations that defines OHS in this field. There are rules and regulations, but they are presented through a number of different documents.

National and basic regulations in the field of OHS are also applied in mining, in accordance with the Law on Mining and Geological Research, but in some cases, it is insufficient or inapplicable. Due to all mentioned OHS Experts, as well as other experts in mining, often face the problem of finding an adequate solution to specific OHS problems.

This manual is an attempt to systematize the recommendations in the field of OHS at work that stem from the regulations, but also the rules of the profession and to bring the specifics of OHS in mining closer to the reader.
As such, the manual is a recommended, not only for OHS Experts, but for all stakeholders engaged in mining or cooperating with the mining industry. “
Prof. Dr. Saša Stojadinović,
Dipl. eng. Mining

“The expansion of the mining industry in the region has brought new challenges for the mining profession and especially for those engaged in occupational health and safety. Current laws and bylaws in this field require more detailed interpretation as well as an explanation of the direct application in practice. The manual itself practically helps, young engineers of all profiles working in the mining industry, to properly interpret and define the obligations regarding OHS that are given in regulations, and in turn create strong basis for the development of OHS culture in mines, in Serbia.

In this Manual are clearly interpreted the most important requirements in the OHS, which makes it useful tool for all young engineers, as well as those with many years of experience, in their daily work. “
Dr Jelena Ivaz, PhD,
Dipl. eng. Mining

“The mining industry has specific risks to which workers are exposed and is particularly pronounced in underground exploitation. Establishing an OHS policy for such working conditions is a major challenge even for experienced experts in this field.

The authors of this Manual have made great efforts to bring the issue in this field closer to the reader. Through meaningfully organized chapters, the most important aspects are addressed and necessary conditions for OHS in mining.

The manual has a detailed view of legislation that covers this field with detailed explanations and examples of application in practice.

Special attention is paid to unique risks in mining, which makes this Manual useful to managers but also to persons starting or already working in the field of mining and health and safety at work in mines. “
Doc. Dr. Dejan Petrović,
Dipl. eng. Mining

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