In the past year, our company has achieved remarkable results and great success.

We continued to work with long-term clients, but also made new partnerships and did numerous projects. Our team has been very active when it comes to training and education, both for our employees and for external participants. We have been proud sponsors and support for various important events and associations, supporting the community in which we operate.

This year has been truly successful at all levels, and we had many reasons to celebrate. We organized a New Year’s Eve celebration for all our employees, providing them with an evening of relaxation and socializing. We also organized a special New Year’s party for our youngest, with a show and a visit of Santa Claus, who brought each little toddler a package. In the spirit of the holidays, our Sector for Professional Affairs organized the traditional game “Secret Santa”, which caused a lot of laughter and joy among our employees.

We continue to develop as a company and provide the best services to our clients. We believe that another successful year behind us is confirmation of our position in the market, but also a path of joint growth and progress.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our story and supported us over the past year. Stay with us in the future as we are determined to continue to set high standards and achieve outstanding results.

Happy Holidays wishes you.
Tehpro team